"At times it's funny and depressing, with not one of the male characters coming across as other than self-centered."
– Tom Cardy, "Cheap Shots," The Dominion Post, 17 July 2003

"[a] highly impressive debut film"
– Gordon Campbell, "Upfront," The Listener, August 9, 2003

"[a] polished, visually pleasurable mise-en-scene…the action is typically framed in fixed compositions, which have the formal elegance of classic Japanese cinema."
– Russell Campbell, "Towards a Digital Aesthetic: Why Can't I Stop This Uncontrollable Dancing and I Think I'm Going," Illusions, Winter 2003

"Alexander Greenhough and his key collaborators, co-writer Richard Whyte and cinematographer/editor Elric Kane, have the temerity to announce their talents in a feature that’s 2_ hours long; and the assurance and formal grace to make their appearance a welcome one. The sense of real time and place in which these dramas fluctuate and unwind is matched by the realistic awkwardness of the unacknowledged or contradictory feelings at play. The placid, aesthetic framing of space, the long, long takes, and the clean disruptive cutting encourage and reward an almost contemplative observation of human behaviour."
– Bill Gosden, 2003 New Zealand International Film Festival Programme