Kissy Kissy is a multi-storyline film which follows the aftermath of a stalled movie project in Wellington. As the various members of the cast and crew resume their everyday lives, the intricacies of their relationships with one another become increasingly difficult, as their conflicting needs and desires become impossible to resolve.

The film's director, Geoff (Rob Jerram), and his production assistant, Sally (Jean Copland), are ensnared in a strained, complicated relationship-of-sorts. Longing to get closer to him, Sally tries to romantically engage with Geoff, which simply exacerbates the emotional distance between them. Meanwhile, the film's lead, Dave (Daniel Northcott), travels to the Marlborough Sounds with old friend Lee (Dick Whyte). The two "mates" seem to have little in common, and their trip is punctuated by miscommunication and hard feelings. This is all set against beautiful surroundings towards which Lee seems totally indifferent, further alienating Dave. At the same time, lead actress Alison (Tania Nolan) must contend with the return of her needy, emotionally manipulative partner, Mark (James Ashcroft). Deciding what to wear and where to eat takes on epic proportions in a passive-aggressive ballet as the two verbally spar in series of entanglements. Finally, cinematographer Jackie (Angela Green) tries to accommodate her teenage sister, Erin (Brooke Williams), who is crashing at her flat.

In Kissy Kissy's finale, the characters collide in unexpected ways, as simmering tensions come to the boil.